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Crispy School Prawns with Curry Leaves and Saucy Wench Chilli Jam🦐

Updated: Apr 22

The sizzle of me cooking this dish was drowned out by my son, as he loudly explains how he gets away with his shenanigans at school!

600g school prawns

Seasoned potato flour

Oil for shallow frying

1 chopped red onion

5 cloves chopped garlic

30g butter

1 tsp salt

1 chopped tomato

2 stalks curry leaves

1 tbsp Saucy Wench Chilli Jam

1 tbsp black rice vinegar


Wash and trim the prawns, but leave whole.

Coat in seasoned potato flour, and then shallow fry until crunchy, drain on paper towels.

In another pan, heat butter until bubbly and fry red onions, garlic, salt and curry leaves until aromatic.

Add tomatoes, Saucy Wench Chilli Jam and vinegar. Add some brown sugar if you like it less tart.

Once the sauce bubbles up, add the prawns and stir through so the sauce coats the prawns.

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