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Satay Family Dinner!

Get the fam involved skewering these delicious satays, Make them work for their supper!

Satay family dinner is easy with Saucy Wench!

We marinated 2kg chicken strips (a mixture of thigh and breast fillet)in 2 jars of Saucy Wench Lemongrass & Tamarind Sauce in one big bowl and in another bowl, 1kg rump steak cut into strips with 1 bottle of Saucy Wench Lemongrass & Tamarind Sauce and some chopped kaffir lime leaves - you can also use My Blue Tea's kaffir lime leaf powder. Leave to marinade overnight.

Grill over hot charcoal until cooked, turning frequently.

Warm up 3 jars of Saucy Wench Satay Sauce in a saucepan and serve with grilled Satay, chopped Spanish onions, cucumbers and compressed coconut rice cubes.

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